About Us

Professional commercial cleaning and janitorial cleaning services with Superior Commercial Cleaning is different because we are a locally owned cleaning company founded by Katherine Olivia who founded Olivia’s Cleaning Services in 2007.

We started as a housecleaning service. After hearing and seeing different shortcomings and needs, we decided to launch Superior Commercial Cleaning to provide commercial cleaning services that offices, restaurants , medical buildings and property managers can rely.

Part of the reason there is such high turnover in this industry is the reason we set ourselves apart by hiring the best, performing background checks, paying a living wage, providing extensive training to our employees, using tried and tested methods of running a cleaning company. We maintain satisfied clients by providing them cleaning services and knowing they can count on consistent professional cleaning services.

We provide St. Louis with premier, tailored commercial cleaning and janitorial services and understand every business is different. We take the time to sit down with you, discuss your needs, and present you with a customized plan for your janitorial needs.

With Superior Commercial Cleaning you can expect our team to be highly trained. They know how to get your offices or facility clean healthy and sparkling all the time. We only use the highest quality products so your kitchens, bathroom, and offices look perfect and smell great. We do not take shortcuts in our work. We expect our teams to leave your facility clean. We perform impromptu inspections to make sure our standards and expectations we have promised to you are met.

We also strongly believe in privacy and ethics. Our entire team knows you are entrusting us to keep anything we see in your offices to ourselves.

Superior Cleaning team have been cleaning our office for the past two years and they’ve always done an excellent job for us. The quality of the service is at a much higher level than our previous cleaning provider! We never worry about them not showing up”

 –  Current Client